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Anonymous sent: You've got some amazing artwork :3 Keep up the good work!

Thank you!! I’ll keep doing my best! <3

Anonymous sent: Just wanted to say, your artwork is fantastic ^_^

Thank you so much. ^^ I’m glad you feel that way, this makes my day!

Going to have a hiatus on commissions for a bit. I feel like, after doing a bunch, I need to redo my set up and simplify my choices/adjust pricing.

Also wanna thank everyone for following this blog, and I hope you continue to enjoy my stuff!

commission for katimus


commission for katimus

monsters (2012)

repost of a 5-foot-something charcoal piece I worked on a couple years ago now, for a final assignment where we had to go all out while using historic paintings as reference. I picked out a bunch of mythological creatures depicted by various artists to work with, and just had a lot of fun mashing them together! definitely one of my favorites, although I’m taking a break from charcoal these days. please fullview!

commission for malevtolous, his lalafell (of the same name!)

commission for malevtolous, his lalafell (of the same name!)

keep me grounded… down to earth.

happy birthday stahl! actually i am a little bit late on my time…
a somewhat emotional drawing i thought of a while back, after a conversation i had with a friend over how sweet stahl is, but how bad i felt that he would beat himself up over being too plain or normal. but isn’t that normalness, someone so nice and relaxed, a good change of pace for the avatar, who’s dealt with so much? he’s a place of refuge for her, someone to come back to… and that makes him really important!

(then, i bet at the very end they ate 5 dinners together—)

&#8230; need something, yip yip yap?

… need something, yip yip yap?

libra, from fire emblem: awakening

my very first ACEO, commissioned by rinkara! i had previously posted a work-in-progress on my personal blog, but here’s the finished version. the card was stained with the ‘peachberry jasmine sutra' tea from teavana, before being finished with watercolors and lightly dusted with white charcoal.